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Today 11/11 @ 11:11A - The #DynamoCollabo : Buy Martian Merch ™ and NinEleven™released their album Planetary Politickin ™. A project originally scheduled for release later in the month but fast-tracked when both creatives realized that they were continuously seeing 11:11 on their clocks and watches; a significant Angel statement for those in tune with the universe and beyond. 



The short explanation of the significance : is this is the number sequence of synchronicity. 11 by itself is a number representing inspiration, illumination, and spiritual enlightenment so seeing 11, 111, or 11:11 is the perfect moment to reflect on your purpose and to examine if you are making choices in line with that purpose.

The #DynamoCollabo : Buy Martian Merch ™ ( @buymartian on Instagram ) and NinEleven ™ ( @musicby911 on Instagram) have come together again in the Virtual Stu to create another great album for the MARTIAN masses.

Buy Martian Merch ™ a brand dedicated to unique expression, landing its focus mainly on nerds, BLERDS, and nerdtinos. This brand creates apparel, accessories, décor, and (of course with NinEleven ™) music.

NinEleven ™ is a music producer and engineer whose auditory prowess is retro while still being modern and relevant. A creator of music for every person ready to bop their head to something unheard, that they will definitely crave once experienced.

While @BuyMartian is more eclectic and @NinEleven ™ is overflowing with a mellow vibe, the 2 bring their knowledge of music and its history together to transform listeners into a planetary headspace...far beyond expectation.


Planetary Politickin ™ is a nod to the type of music that made both fall in luv with music in the first place.

With Buy Martian Merch ™ and NinEleven™ you can expect galactic vibes dipped generously in soul. Enjoy!


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