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WHAT IS Buy Martian Merch ™

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With Buy Martian Merch ™ Max shares chunks of her soul, her strength, her imagination with the masses. So they can be boldly expressive while #OnTheGalacticGo ... without ever saying a word. 👽✌🏽🛸


"When MARTIANS buy from my site, they are LITERALLY wearing my experiences on their sleeves. Because my personal experiences are the daily inspo for what they see...what they buy... what WE wear. My heart and my soul goes into these design projects. Whether on my own in my "virtual stu" or via collaborative efforts with my team. Know that I don't say this lightly: EVERY CUSTOMER is helping me tell my story while I help them tell theirs. There's a mutual understanding and a steady peace about this exchange that may be hard for everyone to understand...but we do." - Max

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5 Tips To Building Business Credit

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When you set your mind on having your own business, it is important to understand that it is a separate entity from you as an individual.  

Unless it is a sole proprietorship (which is not in line with legal or financial separation) you have the unique opportunity of establishing a credit file separate from you as an individual. But first you need to know how to get started...

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How To Participate in Martian Minds ™ : Business, Brands, & Bruises

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The project is called : Martian Minds ™ : Business, Brands, & Bruises

Martian Minds ™ is a series based moniker that in future projects will signify the meeting of minds on a particular topic from a plethora of unique individuals (aka "Martians").

Business, Brands, & Bruises is a short way of expressing the challenges surrounding what it takes to build a business and/or a brand.



  • 30 - minute soundboard consultation.
  • Free Planetary Sampler : The 8 Episode Orbit Album
  • 60-second promo spot for your PR / Press Kit
  • 15% discount on your next purchase on
  • Cross-promotion of your business / brand on our website and social media
  • Find out about future new products, services, discounts, and projects first

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