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WHERE Is your FIRE? | A Soul's Expression and Tribute to Sonia Sanchez + LoveCraft Country

Posted by C J on

 Always so much to take in every episode, as emotions, tensions, and excitement were destined to boil over (repeatedly), leaving you sorely anticipating the next week's episode.


Of these episodes, nothing both spoke to my soul and ripped out my heart simultaneously like the poem "Don't Kill Dub" by Sonia Sanchez (what many have renamed in conversation as "Where Is Your Fire 🔥?").

Robin Coudert did an excellent job encompassing the passion of Sanchez's words, however, Jurnee Smollett and Regina Taylor will immobilize you with emotion 42:59 into episode 09.

Not to be dismissed in this description, understand that Coudert's performance slithers persistently in your ear with a hypnotic melody meant only for the part of your being in tune with achieving legacy and bearing your soul.

They essentially tag team you into submitting your full, mouth-gaping attention, snatching tears from your eyelids and caving your chest in with the emotions of every ancestor who ever endured just so we can be.

Or perhaps that's just me.


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