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The idea of setting up a website to sell your products effectively on a website AND on social media overwhelming you? Do you wish you could just hand all the tasks to someone else to handle while you focus on creating your next best thing? No Problem. We have a service for that. 


For a limited time we are allowing clients to do the following :

  • Provide us a vectorized or large format version of a logo and we will set up products with client's brand on our site and will service it through our print fulfillers.

  • Provide us imagery of client's current product (ie candles, books, etc..) and we will sell it on our site. 
  • We will cross-promote you on our site (by highlighting you in our blog section) and our social media pages (with weekly promos tagging you so that our followers can easily find you online) 
  • We will create a personalized URL for you to easily provide to customers/clients of your own
  • Up to 5 products displayed at this price (e-mail us if you need more)

    10% discount for a 3-month posting | 15% discount for 6-month posting | 20% discount for 9-month posting | 25% for 12-month posting.


    We do not expect exclusivity with this option.

    If you have further questions e-mail us at


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